Aurora Raven

"As a polytheist, animist, aspiring herbalist, and spell-weaver who walks the crooked path, I read bones, 'ride the hedge' and stand on the razor's edge. 

Honoring both the fragile and the feral; I befriend crows, admire owls and envy ravens. Herbs, powders, resins, oils and nature in the raw are the tools as befitting  my craft; they lead me over windswept fields, into the riparian thicket and along forgotten shorelines.

I endeavor to receive messages in wind and rain, read portents in the wing-wake of birds and decipher symbols found throughout the natural landscape.  A student of folk magic, my practice embraces natural and common items mixed with sea spume, regolith and moonlight.  

My birth chart reveals me as an Aries with Cancer Rising, a Scorpio Moon and Pisces Midheaven and I have no misconceptions regarding my strengths or my flaws.  

As a ritualist and death-midwife it is my honor to serve my community by performing rites of passage honoring the current in both their collective and individual lives.  

With over 50 years experience as a witchcraft practitioner, I honor the Old Gods, participate in community celebrations and continue to formally train apprentices; my journey as a student and teacher in the arcane and preternatural arena began in the early-sixties and continues to this day.  
As a mentor, I teach what can be taught, guide to the best of my ability, remain silent allowing inner connection, and finally share with students all I have observed when the time comes for them to walk the path without me.

I am anchored between the steadfastness of the cosmic arch and the rocky shore through the love and support of friends and community and two four-legged keepers of my hearth and home.
Respected and maligned,
Kindred to my kind,
Like them... I am a witch.

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Jennifer Wright said...

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Much Love,