Friday, July 25, 2014

The Cunning Man’s Handbook

By Jim Baker
“The desire to understand magic in any specific cultural context is an intellectual puzzle not only for scholars but believers.”

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The Cunning Man’s Handbook is a monumental work of phenomenal scope and scholarship, a comprehensive and challenging exploration of the practices and beliefs of Cunning Folk in Britain and America during their heyday from 1550-1900.  Exploring the social and theological milieu of the period, the author demonstrates the essentially Christian nature of Cunning practices, and presents an illuminating discourse on the concept of magic and how it was perceived as working.
Operating at the boundaries of the law and society, between medicine and magic, Cunning Men and Women occupied a liminal role as healers, charmers and magicians.  Drawing from a huge range of sources, the range of services offered by Cunning Folk is thoroughly expounded, from divination through astrology and geomancy to dream interpretation, from charms, spells and curses to conjurations and treasure hunting.  As Jim Baker states, “The focus here is on the practice of folk magic and divination for access to the preternatural”.

The evolution of Cunning practices as a living tradition over the three hundred fifty year span is explored in depth, illustrating their practical and contemporary nature.  The analogous practices of African-American conjure and root work are also discussed to offer insights into oral fragments of Cunning practices lost to history and present another example of how modernity modifies tradition.  Referring to dozens of Cunning Men and Women and their practices, this work offers a unique glimpse into magical history, and the opportunity to reclaim the essence of Cunning Magic.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Hekate Symposium 2014

"Hekate is one of the most unique and interesting Goddesses of the ancient world, her worship reaches backwards into pre-history and continues to thrive in the modern world.  Even at times when the shrines and temples of the old Gods were forgotten old ruins, her myths continued to thrive, remaining alive in the  hearts, minds and dreams of poets, artists and mystics, who promulgated her mysteries.  As such her name did not join those of the forgotten Gods who are being rediscovered today, but instead was one which continued to be uttered by each generation, infused with awe, fear and mystery through the centuries, continuing its journey onwards through history into the modern day." ~ Sorita d'Este

The Hekate Symposium will be taking place on Saturday, 6th of September in the mystical town of Glastonbury, steeped with its history of Christian and Pagan myths and magic.  It is a day like no other, dedicated to a Goddess like no other - and a unique oppurtunity for devotees and others interested in the Torchbearing Goddess of the Crossroads to gather in Her name and learn from one another - both through the sharing of research and practice. 
 Author and Priest Georgi Mishev making offerings during the Opening Blessing at the Hekate Symposium 2013Facilitators this year include Avalonia authors David Rankine (Hekate and the Grimoire Tradition), Vikki Bramshaw (Hekate and the God Dionysos), Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule (performance),  Paul Harry Barron (ritualist), Tara Sanchez (ritualist) and Sorita d'Este (ritualist), whose work many of our readers will be familiar with.  TV presenter and producer Carrie Kirkpatrick, a long time devotee of Hekate will also be speaking, as well as showing a short film she made some time ago focussed around a Hekate ceremony which took place in London; Melissa Harrington, an academic and initiated Witch will explore how the Goddess Hekate has featured in Witchcraft, as well as exploring the psychological and sociological impact of the return of the Great Goddess.  Mima Cornish will be leading us in a devotional guided meditation, whilst Lyza Chthonia will allow us to connect with Hekate through dance.  They will be supported by a team from the Covenant of Hekate. 

Avalonia will have a dedicated stall at the event, where copies of books such as Hekate Liminal Rites, Hekate Her Sacred Fires, Hekate Keys to the Crossroads and The Temple of Hekate will all be available for sale.

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Plant Spirit Familiar Class

with Christopher Penczak

Many witches, magicians and shamans work with the concept of the animal familiar, the totem or fetch beast, but many are also allied with spirits from the plant world. The spirits of herbs, flowers and trees can act as divine guides, protectors and tutors in magick, healing and transforming the witch.  Each one has its own spiritual medicine, that is in harmony with magickal work and purpose in the world. Survey many of the traditional plant allies of the witch, including the spirits of the banes and the healers. Learn how to find your own plant familiar from the green world, and develop a strong connection. Based upon Christopher's book, The Plant Spirit Familiar.

Date: July 18, 2014
Location: Hermetic Arts Learning Center
105 Bridge St. Salem MA. 01970
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Price: $ 30.00
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   or call 772-380-2725

Friday, July 4, 2014

Cecil Williamson's Book of Witchcraft

From Troy Books: We are pleased to announce that the eagerly awaited Cecil Williamson's Book Witchcraft, A Grimoire of the Museum of Witchcraft by Steve Patterson is now available for pre order.

 In 1996, whilst helping the then new owner Graham King in refurbishments to the Museum of Witchcraft, Steve happened upon a handwritten manuscript entitled simply ‘Witchcraft’ and containing an intriguing pot-pourri of esoterica from the hand of the Museum's founder; Cecil Williamson. It is this manuscript which provides the basis for Steve's book which includes a full annotated transcript of the ‘Witchcraft’ manuscript, a history of Cecil Williamson and the Museum of Witchcraft, a treatise on Cecil Williamson’s vision of traditional Witchcraft - the practices and the philosophy of the wayside witches, an account of his meetings with Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner, and a controversial account of his witnessing of the birth of ‘Wicca’. The book is both a valuable reliquary of practices for the traditional witch, and a resource for folklorists and historians alike; telling the tale of a hitherto largely ignored, but hugely influential episode in modern occult history, and one of the great unsung heroes of the twilight world of folklore and witchcraft.

The book is available in the following editions:

All four editions are Royal format 234 x 156mm. 304 pages with 32 black and white photo plates.

 A Standard Hardback Edition, black case binding with gold foil blocking to the front and spine, 90gsm cream paper stock, burgundy endpapers with red and black head and tail bands.

 A Special Edition, cream 175gsm ripple finish dust jacket, bound in burgundy cloth with gold foil blocking to the front and spine, black end papers with red and black head and tail bands. Lithographic printing on 120gsm cream paper stock with sewn binding. Limited to 300 hand numbered examples.

A Fine Edition, hand bound in burgundy hand finished goat leather with gold foil blocking to the front and spine, marbled end papers and marker ribbon. Lithographic printing on 120gsm cream paper stock with sewn binding. Limited to 30 signed and hand numbered examples. This edition will be issued with an embossed, lined library buckram slipcase.

 A Special Fine Edition, hand bound in terracotta fine hand polished and finished goat leather, gold foil blocking to the front and spine, marbled end papers and marker ribbon. Lithographic printing on 120gsm cream paper stock with sewn binding. Limited to 10 signed and hand numbered examples. This edition will be issued with a lined, hand carved oak box, made and carved by the author

 Paperback edition to follow.

Pagination: 304 pages, illustrated with line drawings from Cecil Williamson's 'WITCHCRAFT' notebook and imagery related to the Museum of Witchcraft, plus 32 pages of black and white photographic plates.

Foreword by Graham King
 Introduction Notes

Book One – The 'WITCHCRAFT' Notebook:
Spells and Charms
 Notes for 'Spells and Charms'
 Notes for 'Divination'
 Notes for 'Amulets'
 Magical Figures
 Notes for 'Magical Figures'

Book Two – Cecil Williamson – A West Country Cunning Man:
The Cecil Williamson Story
 Notes for 'The Cecil Williamson Story'
 Meeting with such Fascinating Persons
 Notes for 'Meeting with such Fascinating Persons'
 The Spider's Web
 Notes for 'The Spider's Web'
 Come Drink... From the Cup of Forbidden Knowledge!
 Notes for 'Come Drink... From the Cup of Forbidden Knowledge!'