My Trodden Way

'The glint of blade lifted to the moon, 

a burst of spark and flame,

soothing cool waters,

moonlit, rippled,

dance the mind awake.

I kiss my hand to the moon times two,

and let the cauldron speak;

read portents in the wing-wake of crows,

translate underworld speech through the waters of a stream,

I run with the deer.

The Wildwood Lord and the Ruby Mouthed Lady await me.

Standing at the entrance to the psyche,

armed with only a hag stone 'round my neck to keep the night-mares at bay

as a seeker I take a breath of cool damp air,

place my hand on the rough rock surface of the earthly womb,

and enter, alone,

I emerge in partnership with a deeper understanding of myself,

where the twylight and the darkness dwell

and the Gods of the wild places whisper me awake...

The life-long journey of the mysteries unfolds,

and as it does I willingly follow.'

Aurora Raven
© 2008
all rights reserved